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What Is Noni Fruit Good For

What Is Noni Fruit Good For

Throughout tropical regions, virtually every part of  Morinda citrifolia was used to treat disease or injury.

It s curative properties were well known and commonly employed. Patoa Tama Benioni, a member of the Maori tribe from the Cook Islands and a lecturer on island plants explains:

Traditionally Polynesians use noni for basically everything in the treatment of illness. Noni is a part of our lives.

Any Polynesian boy will tell you he’s had experience with it. We use juice from its roots, its flowers, and its fruit . . . my grandmother taught me to use noni fruit from the roots and the leaves to make medicine for external as well as internal use, and for all kinds of ailments, such as coughs, boils, diseases of the skin, and cut decoctions to stimulate delayed menstruation.

• Noni fruit was frequently utilized for it s antiparasitic activity.
• Respiratory ailments, coughs, and colds were treated with noni.
• A juice made from pounding noni leaves, roots and fruit mixed with water was administered for diarrhea.
• Dried and powdered forms of the bark mixed with water and administered with a spoon treated infant diarrhea.
• Small pieces of noni fruit and root infused with water were given to kill intestinal parasites.
• Boiled bark decoctions were given as a drink for stomach ailments.
• Coughs were treated with grated bark.
• Charred unripe fruit was used with salt on diseased gums.
• Pounded fruit combined with kava and sugar cane was used to treat tuberculosis.
• Babies were rubbed with fresh, crushed leaves for serious chest colds accompanied by fever.
• Eye washes were made from decoctions for eye complaints from flower extracts.
• Leaf infusions were traditionally taken to treat adult fevers.
• A mouthwash consisting of crushed ripe fruit and juice was used for inflamed gum in young boys.
• Pounded leaf juice was used for adult gingivitis.
• Sore throats were treated by chewing the leaves and swallowing the juice.
• Skin abscesses and boils were covered with leaf poultices.
• Swelling was controlled with leaf macerations.
• Heated leaves were often used for arthritic joins and for ringworm.

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