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Noni Juice-Noni Drink Manufacturer,Exporter,Bulk,Supplier, in Cambodia King Divine Noni Juice - Noni  Drink - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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What Is Noni Fruit Good For

Our Systems and Processes for Producing GMP Certified Organic Noni Juice

Noni Plantation.
No pesticides are used
Mature Noni tree with fruit

Each fruit is picked individually at its Peak of Ripeness.

Three Noni fruits growing on a tree. The far left one is almost ripe—the others are not. We pick each fruit individually at optimum ripeness for maximum health benefits. Going back many times to the same tree to pick only the ripe fruit takes extra effort, but it is essential for good quality Noni juice.
Noni in almost ready for picking.
4 stages of ripeness. 3rd from left is ripe
Rotten Noni fruit. We never use rotten Noni fruit in our juice.
Selective harvesting ensures consistent quality and health benefits.
Noni fruit sliced open.

Noni has a narrow window of time for processing. If it sits too long, bacteria may develop. We never fumigate or irradiate our Noni to counteract bacteria. We follow strict Cambodian health guidelines and use a proprietary process to lock in Noni's many beneficial phytonutrients.

Noni Processing Plant Near Growing Fields

After processing, the Noni juice is bottled. King Divine Noni Juice ready.

We offer high quality processing. We do not cut corners by using rotten Noni fruits and/or old storage containers.

Noni Fruit Juice Herbal Drink from Cambodia
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