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Noni Juice & Drinks Testimonials , Reviews

If good health is important to you, King Divine Noni Juice might make a good addition to your diet. This health drink earns high acclaim from our reviewers and they like its all natural composition drink that provides an energy boost and health benefits. Reviewers have many good things to say about this health drink, but they also have some concerns and their contrasting viewpoints are evident when you read comments that say "Has Dramatically Improved my Health" and "If You Can Stomach it, You Can Reap the Benefits." Some of the problems mentioned with Noni Juice include the difficulty in finding the product, the high cost, and the taste, which takes some time to get used to. Once you do get used to this health drink, reviewers say you will be hooked. Noni Juice can be used for weight loss and health in general and it rates favorably among Diet Plans.


I used King Divine Noni Juice a year ago and quit. Recently I was visiting a friend. I had forgotten about Noni. She had an ad for Noni printed on her car. I remember how good I felt the first time I took it and asked her to let me purchase a few bottles. All I can say is , I feel better and will continue to take it (an ounce daily). I don't have the food cravings I had. It does give me energy, My arthritis pain is is gone so far and I am not suffering from after effects that some medications render.I know it does not cure everything, but it sure helps a lot of things.

Mr.Rajesh Gor
- surat


The King Divine Noni TRIM 40 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM REALLY WORKS. I'm 46,married and followed it for quite some time and have kept off over 30 lbs...The diet includes all types of Vitamins as well as scack bars, shakes, lots to choose from.. It takes in to consideration the hormonal issues that we women deal with..Also,there is a hormone cream that can be used along with it... Awesome website and materials to guide your through it.....

Mr.Rakesh Garival
- Pune


Noni Juice, it works for you, go for it, but I recommended King Divine Noni to my friends and family and they prefer that. King Divine Noni contains 8 type of ayurvedic herbs, which is highly regarded as having some of the highest anti-inflammatory properties around.

kushal pandya
- Ahmedabad


my sister was diagnostic with breast cancer five years ago and was under the regular treatement for one year and after she finish with the quimo and the medicine were not good someone recomended noni and she statrted taking it after one year she went to the doctor and they did not find any cancer .

Jigar Jethva
- Gandhinagar

" my headaches had decreased about 95% "

I started drinking King Divine Noni Juice a little over a year ago. I am in overall good health so I wondered how I would benefit from this product. To my surprise I noticed within a few weeks that my headaches had decreased about 95%. I have had severe headaches my whole life and am happy to say that now I get them very rarely. I will continue to drink King Divine Noni Juice and recommend it to others.

Maulik Soni
- Dubai


I work at a health food store and many people come in for the high antioxidants found in king divine noni juice. One woman has a story of a very aggressive cancer. She started to take noni juice and the cancer is not gone, but has completely stopped spreading. Just wanted to let you know that some people have positive results. Medical doctors do not always report the truth about a product. just what i have heard about king divine noni juice. Thanks...

- London

" Healthcare "

God heals all our diseases. You can only get incurable people not diseases. The medical people dont want us to know or believe this truth. I have never used Noni juice but I have used other natural remedies which were attacked by phamacitical companies but they worked for me without side effects. The key to everything is balance. Too much water or too little water is bad for us. So I believe that too much Noni juice is bad for us, but if drunk modarate it is good for us. It take long to destroy any part of our body with wrong food or pollution,it will take long to restore or heal. There is no magic drug or herb.

- Nepal

" Thank you King Divine Noni "

I started taking King Divine Noni Juice approximately one month ago. Since that time I have more energy. On most days I usually get up earlier and go to bed later. I sleep deeper than I have since college days. I am 47 years old.

One year ago I still had insomnia and blood sugar problems. When I woke up in the middle of the night I could not go back to sleep on many occasions. This would often be coupled with raging hunger pangs. I would have to have some protein food in the middle of the night just to get back to sleep. A good fiber supplement helped me a great deal with my sleep and hunger but it did not totally solve the problem. Now that I am on Noni, plus my fiber supplement, I do not usually get up at all during the night, not even for one bathroom trip.

My legs are more limber now that in past years, and my post-nasal drainage is very much reduced; and I can "cheat" and eat foods (mainly dairy) that I am allergic to with less of a reaction since I started on King Divine Noni.

Rosa Brown
- kenya

" Healthcare "

Hi, my name is Charles and I'm not one usually given to testimonials, but the Noni juice has some remarkable healing qualities. I have had a re-occuring ear infection for the past 6 years. About 15 years ago I underwent massive radiation (through my right ear) for a brain tumor. Most of the bone was destroyed as a result (in my ear). I had had an open sore behind my ear, like a small hole. I applied the Noni on a daily basis for a week or so. The hole completely healed over, something the doctors couldn't achieve. I believe God gave us plants, roots, herbs, to help heal our bodies. What I am afraid we're losing is the knowledge of such handed down from generations of old.

Charles Brandt

" Tom's History of Diabetes "

My name is Tom Bender. I am a seventy-four year old who has been a diabetic for over thirty-five years. I have experienced the usual problems that come with age and diabetes.

Several years ago, I had two back operations within a six-month period. The problems that necessitated the second operation seriously weakened the muscles in my right leg. After that operation, I began walking with a walker. I eventually graduated to a cane and was able to limp around without the cane, although I felt more comfortable with it, especially when my arduitic right knee would act up.

I started taking King Divine Noni juice, one ounce per day, around the first of November 2006. At first I noticed little difference.

Since my back operations, I had been sleeping on my side. The problem with this was that about every two hours the pain in my arthritic shoulder would wake me up, and I would have to roll over to my other side. One day I awoke to the fact that I was now able to sleep all night on the same side without pain!

About the same time I began to reaae that after getting out of bed or up from a chair I had to take fewer faltering steps before I could move at my slow pace. Today I am able to get out of bed or up from a chair and move off with relative ease. I find that my mobility is improving almost daily. In addition to the increased mobility, I find that I have little short lived or no body pain whatsoever.

Other good things continue to happen. Again a realization occurred. i will not be free from diabetes, because i was too late to started taking APOLLO NONI.

Thanks to King Divine Noni, it helps lot in diabetes. I recommended APOLLO NONI to all diabetec people/patient.

- canada

" Quick Results "

I have been a victim of brain damage due to two serious automobile accidents. I was also a guinea pig at the atomic test sites in Nevada in 2007.

On February 3, 2007, I began taking King Divine Noni Juice because I felt it might help with some of the numerous problems I was having with my health. Some of these challenges are: pain in my feet, loss of balance, tic on the right side of my face, pain in the testicles, pain in right groin, floaters in my eyes, ringing in my ears, and a need for a cane to walk.

Within 10 to 20 minutes after taking my first does of Noni my eyes cleared, and I could think more clearly which made it much easier for me to talk. The evening of the first day the floaters in my eyes were diminished. Next morning the ringing in my ears was less, and by evening were almost completely gone.

These symptoms vary in intensity from day to day but are gradually becoming less and less. I did some walking without my cane this morning. My temper was more manageable, and I was able to type for 2 hours without my glasses.

3rd dlay: I walked without my cane all day but took it along with me as I didn't know how long I would last. Had some pain as the spine and hips have been under stress from using the cane for so long, and now had stress from not using the cane.

4th day: I continue to improve, and my temper is almost a thing of the past.

5th day:: Sunday. I testified at Church by running down the center aisle. I ran for the first time in 20 years! The Church was in total shock as they didn't know what to expect, and I made a flare out of things.

The tic in the right side of my face is lessening very slowly; the pain in testicles and groin is still there but not as often, and sharp pain in my feet is considerably less.

I'm not sure when all of these things started taking place as my wife and I were overwhehned by the fact that I was able to walk without my cane!

My wife started on King Divine Noni Juice the first part of January, with the minimal amount shown on the bottle (1 oz.) or 2 tbsp. per day. She began feeling somewhat better, but she has so many allergies and medical problems, that two days before I began on the product she doubled and tripled her dosage per day.

Now she is feeling much better and has more energy. Her sinus condition is clearing, and we are waiting to see more changes occurring in her health.

We are extremely excited about what has happened to our health in the past few weeks because of this incredible Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Juice) that we are sharing it day in and day out with all of our friends and acquaintances.

Everyone wants to try some after seeing what it has done for us, and we are ordering more juice and seeing "hurting" people as well as those who wish to stay healthy every day. It is such a joy to share our good fortune. Our lives are truly being blessed, and we are looking for other lives to bless also.

We thank God every day for leading us to this marvelous product.

Jerrv Martin
- california

" Bi-Polar Disorder "

There are no words on planet-earth that would ever allow me to express the gratitude for what you have gifted to me. My body and spirit were depleted of lives-energy and I was "down for the long count" with the most extreme case of Bipolar illness.

I had no life as I was drugged to the maximum and lived in the world of despair.
I lived in emotional darkness and lost everything, and slowly I was pulling out of life.
My self esteem was shattered and my dark thoughts frightened me. I have attempted every conceivable and possible way to find a path for just some relief and everything led me to more disappointment and rivers of tears.

I am unable to tell you of the agony of this illness as it has torn the very soul out of my life ... all my life! I send this card to you because the picture shows the complexity of a man trying to piece himself together and that's what I have been trying to do, however... I have been desperately trying in the dark.

The miracle by which King Divine Noni came my way is the most phenomenal of all coincidences and yet: I have always believed that we all come into one another's life for a reason.

Noni has lived up to its deepest meaning for me as only a gift from God could have intervened to restore my health and outlook on life. I no longer live behind closed doors and I am shame-free with a life of hope and new dreams. I am truly thrilled at this moment to share my story with the world because, I absolutely know there are many, many others who are imprisoned with the darkness of depression. Perhaps Noni may give them the relief and the chance of a lifetime that it gave to me.

I am compelled to share my story with the world and I now understand the meaning and the message of the words "God works in wondrous and mysterious ways." This is truly a path with a heart. Thanks for coming into my life.

Tim Corbett
- New york

" Bronchial Asthma "

My son was diagnosised with having Bronchial Asthma after he had a severe case of the Flu. I took him and had his lungs X-rayed and while at the doctors office he was given a breathing treatment.

The Doctor suggested antibiotics, decongestant and steroid therapy for 7 days. I did not want to use the steroids (and had told the Dr. this) but he wrote the script for him anyway. My son has allergies to dust, dirt & mold and we live in Florida where they are abundant in almost every building here. Any time in the past when he got sick we did King Divine Noni Juice therapy and got excellent results.

When we arrived home I started giving JC a shot glass (1 oz.) of the Noni juice every hour for the next 8 hours (8 oz. the 1st day) The following day we did a Shot glass full every 2 hours giving 6 oz. to his sick lungs.

The 2nd day when JC woke he was breathing and feeling so much better. We continued to give him 1 oz. three times a day for the next few days and his Challenge with the Virus / Asthma was so remarkable. NOTE: I chose Not to give my son the Steroids and used the King Divine Noni juice as his therapy.

All summer JC has no symptoms of his allergies until he goes back to school then his nose will run and his eyes get red and watery. This year he is drinking 1 oz. of King Divine Noni juice as soon as he gets up and has not had the symptoms of the previous years. If he feels a cold coming on we just increase his King Divine Noni juice till the symptoms are gone.

He is a typical teenager, 15 yrs. old, and cheats on his diet so the extra Noni helps him get thru any challenges with his health.

Nancie J. Fleming
- south africa

" Breathing Problem "

I was suffering from breathing problem for the last 13 years. Due to this I used to feel tired and sweat during working and also while walking. Doctors advised me medication and told that I was suffering from asthma. But there was no improvement. Mr.Vinayak Sahib introduced me King Divine Noni. I started consuming King Divine Noni. After taking King Divine Noni for 1 month I could see the improvement. Now I am not having breathlessness during walking or working. Now I am able to work smoothly and efficiently.
Lot of thanks to King Divine Noni.

Morarilal Chowdhary
- Sangam, Goa

" Bleeding from Nose "

I was suffering from frequent bleeding from nose. The black patches on my thighs were causing irritation and itching. I contacted an ENT specialist and other skin specialist doctors. They told me that this is because of the shortage of white corpuscles. They injected white corpuscles in my body three times but they were of no use to me. Mr. Syed Hegari, the distributor of King Divine Noni at Cumbum contacted my family members and advised me to drink King Divine Noni. I started King Divine Noni from 02.03.2004. Continuously till now. I have no compliance of above problem and I am healthier.
King Divine Noni works better in me. It is really great.

S. Vallala Veera Reddy
- Andhra Pradesh

" HIV - King Divine Noni has done me a miracle"

I don't know when I contracted this dreadful disease. I found I was very weak with a high frequency of skin infections, loose motions and vomiting. I was also losing weight and had become depressed. Ms. Sujatha Raman is the person who introduced me to King Divine Noni. She said that along with her counselling I should also drink King Divine Noni to improve my levels of immunity. After 4 months of consuming King Divine Noni, I feel much better. I have stopped losing weight and my skin infections are showing improvements. The frequency of my loose motion had also come down. My CD4 and CD8 counts have improved too. It is hard to believe, but true - King Divine Noni has done me a miracle !

Identity withheld
- Kakinada, AP

" Fatness and Menstrual Problems "

I was suffering from fatness and menstrual problems for the past 5 years. Mr. Raj Kumar Sahu introduced me to King Divine Noni. After consuming King Divine Noni I lost my weight and the menstrual problems also normal. I am very comfortable with King Divine Noni. Thanks to King Divine Noni.

Meena Popat Gengaje
- Dopodi, Pune

"Allergy, Body Pain, Hair fall and Gastritis "

I am a 40 years old housewife who has been overweight for the last 6 years. I was obese and always felt tired. I was also suffering from cold & dust allergy. I had body pain and Gastric problem too. My hair used to fall. My husband heard about King Divine Noni and both of us started consuming it together 2 months ago. Now we are both enjoying the health benefits of King Divine Noni. My cold and dust allergy has reduced by 50% and so is my body pain. My hair has stopped falling and my Gastric problem is reduced. For my husband and me, King Divine Noni is truly a Sanjeevini !

- Hiriyur, Karnataka

" Indigestion "

I am a Civil Engineer working with Airport Authority of Cambodia. Due to my nature of work, I used to travel quite often to different places and so I am forced to eat different foods at different places, which lead to the development of indigestion problem in me. One day my brother Shri Biswajit Deb suggested me to take King Divine Noni regularly to overcome this indigestion problem. I am taking Noni for a period of 16 months. Now I am completely out of indigestion problem, although my food habit has not changed. It is also worth to mention that , I am not taking any other medicine for digestion problem. King Divine Noni is a great boon for me.

Debjit Deb
- Ganga Kunj, Kalas

" I.T.P "

My baby Ms.Vishakha was generally a healthy child till 3.9.04. But in the morning of 04.09.04 between 2 – 3 AM she had a severe pain and suddenly there was bleeding from her nose. She vomited between 4 – 5 AM. So we got her admitted in Hospital where doctor said, her blood platelet count is just 3000/cu.mm. After treatment for one month platelet count increased but very soon it decreased. What to do was the question? Then our brother Dr.D.D.Shirsath suggested us to start taking King Divine Noni. After having consumed 2 bottles, from 26,000/cu.mm her blood platelet count went to 2,30,000/cu.mm. From that day onward, she is normal and happy. King Divine Noni is like a boon to us.

Shirsath Vishakha Premraj
- Nasik

" Giddiness "

Eight months back I met with an accident. I had head injury and had been hospitalised for treatment. I used to have frequent giddiness. I used to feel uneasiness, headache and weakness. I knew King Divine Noni before and now I am using it regularly. After using Noni my giddiness has stopped, though the headache is not regular, it is intermittent. I could feel the freshness and energy.

- Turkey
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