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When the ancient Polynesians sailed out of South East Asia into the wide sea that became their new home they carried plants. This early migration took place some 2000 years ago. And on their canoes came various plants that the settlers would need for medicine and food.

Noni was on those canoes. Actually some accounts state that of the 12 most common medicinal plants on these voyages Noni was the second on the list! No wonder that we can now report growing interest in Noni juice.

Earliest uses of Noni juice

Noni juice and other Noni products were used for herbal remedies in the treatment a range of diseases and to keep good health among the new settlers. The Polynesians appears to have used all of the Noni plant, for food, drink, medicine and dying cloth.

Records show Noni roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit used in around 40 ancient herbal medicines. In addition, Noni roots were made into a yellow-red dye to colour mats and tapa cloth.

Noni juice in legend

Noni juice references are also found in Polynesian myths. Their hero's and heroines ate Noni and drank Noni juice to live during famines. For example, the story of the pig god, Kamapua'a, who courted the volcano goddess, Pele, refers to Noni juice. He laughed at Pele with a song, "I have spied the woman gathering Noni/ scratching Noni/ beating Noni." This is said by the scholars to be a reference to Pele's red eyes. She became so annoyed with the fellow that she fought him!
In Tonga, the god Maui is said to have been brought back to life after Noni leaves were wrapped on him.

Noni carried in the canoe migrations

A thousand years ago Hawaii Loa lead his tribe to the island group that eventually took his name. On that great migration he carried the things his people would require to settle in the new islands. It is said he took 27 specific plants, the so-called 'canoe plants'. Fourteen were for food. They included coconut, breadfruit and taro. The rest were for wood, tapa cloth and healing. Of the carefully chosen healing plants one was Noni la'au. And Noni la'au has been part of traditional Hawaiian healing resources since.

Noni juice and Captain James Cook

The British naval explorer and master, Captain Cook, reached Tahiti in the late 1700s and found Noni juice being drunk and Noni fruit being consumed there.

Further Western Noni juice records

A book published in London in 1866 noted that the Morinda citrifolia fruit was eaten in the Cook Islands and Fiji.
Later publications talk about the use of Noni as a food through the Pacific Islands, Australia, Southeast Asia and Cambodia.
In Roratonga, in the Cook Islands, Noni juice and Noni fruit was often used by the local people. Australian Aborigines were fond of the Noni. And in Samoa, Noni juice and Noni fruit was consumed.

Modern researchers' interest in Noni juice

In 1943, Morinda citrifolia was classified as edible in a technical manual of edible and poisonous plants of the Pacific Islands.
It is obvious from the medical histories of the area and recent Western studies that Polynesian peoples received a significant health benefit from Noni juice and the Noni fruit itself. We are becoming aware that the medical knowledge of these ocean people was sophisticated and often effective. For this reason, modern medical researchers are studying the plants the islanders first pioneered the use of.

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