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Noni Juice-Noni Drink Manufacturer,Exporter,Bulk,Supplier, in Cambodia King Divine Noni Juice - Noni  Drink - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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What Is Noni Fruit Good For

100% Organic Pure Noni Juice : King Divine Noni Cambodia

Pure Noni Juice, Cambodia

Our Noni Products are of the highest possible Quality on the market. No additives like preservatives are added to our juice. Noni Fruit Juice is 100% pure Juice and is not mixed with any other Fruit Juices. Some Noni Juices on the Market are blended with other Fruit Juices to, what they claim, enhance the flavour. The bottom line is, you as a consumer pay a premium price for a thinned down Noni Juice. If the flavour is not to your taste, we believe it is an easy task for yourself to mix it with any Fruit Juice you like - for a much cheaper price.

Noni fruits from the Cook Islands have naturally a very mild flavour which results in a better tasting juice without the need of adding other fruit juices to enhance the flavour.

Our capsules are galantine free and made of 100% pure sun dried fruit powder. Some companies offer freeze dried powder capsules which is faster in processing for the manufacturer but also destroys many of the vitamins in the fruit powder.

The company has an exclusive, worldwide marketing agreement with the Cook Islands processor. This processor is committed to excellence in terms of hygiene, quality control and excellence of presentation.

We are not the only company involved with the distribution of the fruit products. Worldwide sales of Noni juice as well as Noni powder exceed in money terms the US$1 billion mark.

Our aim is a simple one: To make this wonderful Gift of Mother Nature affordable to everyone who would benefit from its use. Because of this our juices and powders are the most affordable in the world.

Our horticultural breakthrough

During the last four years we have worked directly with Pacific Island noni growers in the Cook Islands, and with Western trained horticultural and viticulture experts based in New Zealand.

Between us we have discovered and formalized what is probably the best possible processing system for ripe noni fruit.

Modern juice pressing unit

The Noni fruits are shipped from the Cook Islands to Cambodia where we use state-of-the-art juice presses, modified for noni juice.

We operate all year round, consistently juicing noni fruit from fresh squeeze right through to the traditional, aged, fermented product. It has a pasteurizing component that can subject the final juice to the temperature extremes required by all FDA regulations.

The main reason we can reliably supply you with NONI

More important than these technical and horticultural achievements, however, are our relationships with growers on the islands. Our years of commercial dealings in the islands have earned us reliable relationships with key growers there. We now have their respect, trust and co-operation.

This is a key factor. In Pacific societies, foreigners who have no long-term relationships with local people have no assurance of quality, supply or co-operation and even if all these things are agreed!

Our system of supply

We have set up a buying system that guarantees us uninterrupted supply of noni juice. So we can reliably supply you with noni products in bulk.

  • First, we have written contracts with each grower for supply and quality control.
  • A fund is in place on each island to pay the growers directly (COD). This gives them financial security and they remain loyal to us.
  • A company representative has been appointed in each island and sub-island group where we have growers. These people are on the spot to monitor payments and oversee quality control.
  • Our processing plants and facilities are on the islands, which generate jobs and guarantees quality.

As you can imagine, our system unites the growers in a common cause and reduces the traditional, debilitating rivalries that are so prevalent through the islands.

Current expansion plans

We are seeking one or two major clients in other countries to act as the wholesalers within their spheres of influence. This will enable us to:

  • Forecast sales volumes in advance. (Noni trees take time to grow!)
  • Foresee growth and upgrade the processing unit in time to smoothly cope with the coming demand
  • Get feedback for so our R&D people can investigate new uses for the noni
  • Continue to meet the confidence and financial expectations of our growers

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