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Arthritis Pain Relief With Noni Juice Benefits

Arthritis Pain Relief With Noni Juice Benefits

How noni juice benefits  have arthritis pain relief

Noni juice benefits’s pain fighting qualities may stem from several of its constituents. Noni  fruit has been shown to contain Scopoletin, which has anti inflammatory effects. Scopoletin is needed in the body for smooth joint movement. It also produces anti-histamine effects.

A laboratory in France conducted a study that showed mice, given a liquid form of Noni, increased pain tolerance as reflected by their reaction time to a hot plate. The researchers concluded that Noni helped the mice better deal with the pain from the hot plate.

“Severe Arthritis Left Hip Joint and  How Noni has helped me! “

“In the past 18 months, I had been experiencing extreme pain in my left hip. Initially I attempted self-medicabon with Tylenol.  I started taking Noni Juice twice daily. Being a nurse, I felt it would be appropriate to chart my progress, if any.

Four days after beginning with Noni, I noted minimal pain in my left hip. I had no left hip pain and only experienced some muscle tightness. I was also able to sleep on my left side without experiencing the usual left lateral hip/thigh tenderness. This was the first tme in two years that I had slept on this side without any discomfort!

I am now able to walk down the basement stairs without using the hand rail for support I am able to get in and out of the back seat of a car without any pain, which is a monumental change from my previous experience.

I can only recommend you to try it!”

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