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Natural pain treatment relief with Noni Juice

Natural Pain Treatment Relief With Noni Juice

“I also had severe leg pain from jumping out of airplanes as a
parachutist in the Viet Nam era. Between the pain from my
hands, fingers and arms, and the pain in my legs I wasn’t
getting much sleep.

A lady came into the store one day, and I helped her carry out
her groceries and somehow we started talking about pain, so I
told her what I had been living with “PAIN”.

She immediately said, “I have something I believe will help
you.” She brought a bottle of Noni Juice back into the store
and I was told to drink 3 or 4 ounces right away and to drink 2
ounces before I went to bed.

I didn’t drink any right away like she said, but that night I took 2 ounces, and even that small amount worked as I slept like a baby for the first time in years.

Noni Juice is a great pain relief help.

One of noni juice major benefits is pain relief help. From the Eastern medicine healers of Southeast Asia, to the Hawaiian Kahunas, to modern-day researchers like Dr Ralph Heinicke and clinical naturopaths like Dr Steve Schechter, all agree that noni can relieve and control pain. The Kahunas believe it is due to the blended mixture of noni and prayer.

But how noni juice works to relieve pain is not so easily agreed upon. Different theories of how noni alleviates pain have surfaced. Dr Heinicke believes that pain relief is brought about by xeronine. Dr Schechter believes that noni juice allows the body to heal itself, thus relieving pain. There are probably many other unknown substances in the noni fruit that contribute synergistically to pain relief.

What does science have to say about noni juice for treatment of pain? It is reported that xeronine, a key ingredient in noni, has the ability to help normalise abnormal protein and subsequent cellular function, including brain function, where pain originates. Dr Heinicke has accumulated data consistent with xeronine occupying a site adjacent to the endomorphin receptor sites.

Whatever the reason, doctors and other health professionals interviewed believe that noni helped 88% of their pain patients. In 1990, Chafique Younos reported that Dr Joseph Betz, a research chemist with FDA’s Division of Natural Products Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, had said that noni root is reported “as having pain killing and tranquilizing properties.”

Many success stories in how noni juice slows, control and eventually get rid of your pain.  A natural way of healing without side effects and comes with benefits of health maintenance. The researchers went on to say that “noni extract did not exhibit any toxic effects.” It is well documented that noni is not addictive.

How much pain are you suffering can easily be overcome with 2 ounces a day of noni juice.

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