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Noni Juice Cure Heart Disease

Noni Juice Cure Heart Disease

Noni Juice cures heart problem

” Her father has heart problems, is taking heart and blood pressure medicine. He had shortness of breath, could only work one day per week, could only do part of the yard work, could only walk for short distances, was aching due to arthritis, and had NO ENERGY.

He is no longer short of breath, can walk for long distances, his blood pressure has returned to normal, can do yard work all day because he has more energy, is not aching, and is very motivated!!! Noni Juice has changed his life in a very short time.”

Heart disease is a general term that refers to any disease or condition of the heart, including coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, congenital heart disease, disorders of the heart valves, heart infections, cardiomyopathy, conduction disorders, and heart arrythmias. This information item will focus on atherosclerotic changes – the changes that occur because of the build up of plaques or fatty streaks on the interior walls of the blood vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscle. This condition is also known as coronary artery disease.

Symptoms of Heart Disease
In its early stages there are no symptoms. The first symptom is usually angina pectoris (chest pain) or heart attack.

Angina pectoris is discomfort or pain in the chest, typically, brought on by exertion and relieved by rest. The pain may be a dull ache in the middle of the chest or a feeling of pressure that may spread up to the neck or down the arms.

The major symptoms of a heart attack are intense chest pain, suddenly cold, sweating, weakness and nausea.

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