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Noni Cures Lump in Throat

Noni Cures Lump in Throat

Lack of blood may be because of blood lump in the vein that has been constrain by spasme or arthrosclerosis. The cause is when the brain vessel issue blood such as blood leakage or break. There are many lifestyle changes that can be done by someone who suffers high blood pressure to cure the condition.

Changes in eating patterns by reducing meat and saturated fat and add more fiber from fruits and fresh vegetables are good. Consumption of salt also needs to be reduced and of course someone must do sport regularly. Dr. Neil Solomon believe there are many reasons behind the success of the mengkudu (Morillda citritolia) report in helping people with high blood pressure.
“I had a lump in throat which was increase up to 11.5 cm during last 8 to 9 years. It was looking ornamental. I was feeling weakness and other physical problems too. However I contacted my family doctor and he suggested me to go for ENT immediately.

“Shocking” One of the most reputed pathologist of mumbai diagnose it as metastatic papillary casinoma consistent with primary origin in thyroid.
I was advised to take rest and to stop my daily routine by cancer specialist.
Having deep faith in Ayurveda, I contacted DR. Joban Modha and Ayurveda cancer specialist from Ahmedabad, who send me this his exclusive formula Moneta wellness Noni and 2 types of tablets by courier.

Wonders his medicines started working from the day one “ all my complains started disappear, after one month I stood with the 3.5 cm of lump, which has decreased up to 1.5 cm now. My all physical problems have gone now and I am able to work upto 15 to 16 hours a day now.”

“I am Rosy from Lucknow I was suffering from BP last four to five years usually I take medicine when there is high in BP and gets relax. But when my brother in law suggested me about wellness noni I got very happy that my problem will be end now I take wellness noni twice a day within few days I feel very relax right now I don’t feel BP, tension and so on. After taking wellness Noni there is increase in appetite, proper digestion is there. Really it is a great magic. I am very thankful to noni  juice.”

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