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Treat a Burn With Noni Juice

Treat a Burn With Noni Juice


Fred Herman says “I burned the back of my left hand in a gasoline fire accident, as I am a mechanic by trade. I set a gas can on fire while working on a pick up truck and grabbed the flaming can and moved it away from the truck to keep the truck from catching fire. When I moved the can it ignited my latex glove on fire and in reflex to the heat on my hand I ripped the glove off and when back to putting out the fire. A few minutes later I noticed wrinkled skin on the back of my hand along with pain from the burn. I ran cool water on it for a while but realized I needed first aid.

I had listened to a tape from a doctor on Noni juice and learned that he treated a burn of his own with Noni so I called my wife to bring me a bottle of Noni juice and gauss to bandage the hand. It took her about 20 minutes to get there. This was a Wednesday. I soaked a gauss pad with Noni juice and placed it on the burn and rapped it up to protect it. The pain went away instantly. I also put on two latex gloves to protect the bandages, only while working, and went back to work. I used an eyedropper to keep the gauss under the bandage wet with Noni for two days and changed the pads and bandages before bed each night. I used a cotton glove with the fingers cut off to protect the bandages and to allow air to the wound.

The blistered skin had reattached itself to the hand by Friday night and all that was there was a 1/4-inch slit where the original torn skin was. By Sunday that slit was gone and all that was wrong was I had a large dark pink spot on the back of my hand and I didn’t even need a bandage when I went to bed. If you looked at it now you wouldn’t even know I had burned it. This stuff is amazing! I have burnt myself in the past like this and it was a painful and long healing process. I was completely healed up in less than a week. I praise God and give Him ALL the glory for this wonderful fruit!”

“Over the last 20 years I’ve studied, researched, and used thousands of different herbs, plant nutrients, and nutritional supplements to achieve positive results with my patients. Out of all these natural healing elements, noni, is by far, at the very top of my usage list. It is very potent, effective, causes no side effects, and has given me tremendously positive results with my patients (and now, customers) in a very short period of time. Noni’s usage range is astounding. I’ve used it in every imaginable way… on external skin conditions, diluted with water as a sinus rinse and an eye rinse, as well as a host of internal problems ranging from digestive issues, allergies, hormonal imbalances, circulatory problems, support of major organs such as heart, brain, lung, kidneys, pancreas, liver, and intestines. It offers powerful nervous system support, it helps with depression and exhaustion, obesity, Candida, parasites, and much more. To sum it up… if I was stranded on a desert island, and could only choose ONE health-building nutritional element to have with me, it would, with out a doubt, be 100% pure, aged, undiluted NONI.”

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