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Treat a Stroke With Noni Juice Benefits

Treat a Stroke With Noni Juice Benefits

“Forty-year-old female with a brain-stem stroke following emergency surgery for a herniated cervical disc with a spinal cord compression in 1991. One eyelid drooped, her eyes did not coordinate well, she had continued debilitating neck and right arm pain, and she got disorientated in noisy places and a host of other problems. These all continued despite physical therapy, specialize therapies, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. She started Noni juice one month ago and almost immediately her vision cleared, her lid-lag resolved and by three weeks her pain was 10% of what it had been. Many other symptoms are resolving as well.” 
Steven Hall, M.D., Seattle, WA

High blood pressure (hypertension) disease is one of the red light in the most clearly indicates a problem in heart and vessel from someone. When someone suffering from diagnosed high blood pressure, so he has a seven-fold probability suffering stroke, four times to get heart attack and five times likely died because of heart failure. In a positive note, there are few steps to control high blood pressure and even recover the damage that has occurred.

Dr. Neil Solomon groups high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke together because they relate sating in the blood circulation system of body. in the case of heart attack, there is not enough blood is rich in nutrients and oxygen to feed the heart cells. As a result, some heart cells died. When heart cells are dead enough, your probably get a heart attack. This can happen in sudden as a result of the blood irrespective of the coronary arterial or an embolus, the blood of the body apart from the other and clog your coronary vessel. Other scenarios when you become a vessel coronary spasme, does not create blood flow smoothly, or you can have a small plaque, plaque that is not stable and the flow toward the heart and blockage in coronary vessel while making it more spasme. The end result of the above conditions, it will cause lack of blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen to maintain heart muscle.

On stroke or “brain attack”, brain networks become damaged due to lack of blood circulation. Lack of blood may be because of blood lump in the vein that has been constrain by spasme or arthrosclerosis. The cause is when the brain vessel issue blood such as blood leakage or break. There are many lifestyle changes that can be done by someone who suffers high blood pressure to cure the condition. Changes in eating patterns by reducing meat and saturated fat and add more fiber from fruits and fresh vegetables are good. Consumption of salt also needs to be reduced and of course someone must do sport regularly. Dr. Neil Solomon believe there are many reasons behind the success of the Noni Juice  (Morillda citritolia) report in helping people with high blood pressure.

* First, Morillda citritolia consist of scopoletine, which has been scientifically capable to swell up blood vessel so that the blood pressure is lower.

* The reason why the two people use mengkudu to help high blood pressure because of the fruit juice from Noni  help stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide, a chemical element that causes vein become more elastic and easier swell.

* The reason the third is through Noni nutrient which is able to increase the health of cells structure in the blood circulation system.

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