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Noni Fruit Nutritive Booster

Noni Fruit Nutritive Booster

More and more research suggests that because noni fruit compounds enable the immune system to function more effectively, taking the herb in concentrated forms may significantly boost health and performance.

These compounds appear to have the ability to increase the absorption, assimilation and utilization of vitamins and minerals.

The presence of proxeronine in noni initiates a rise of xeronine in the intestinal tract which enables the walls of the intestines to more efficiently absorb various nutrients, especially amino acids.

Vitamins act synergist tropical regions during World War II learned of the fruit's ability to boost endurance and stamina. Native cultures in Samoa, Tahiti, Raratonga and Australia used the fruit in cooked and raw forms. Noni fruit is considered a tonic and is especially recommended for debilitated conditions.

Noni Fruit Juice Herbal Drink from Cambodia
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